Why Do People Love Fantasy?

People love fantasy novels, movies, games and themed websites for many reasons. Such inspiration stimulates creativity and opens users up to new ideas. It also allows people to forget their worries for a little bit of time. Lastly, it can make people experience their full range of emotions.

22 Sep 2020

The Use of Fantasy in Web Design

Fantasy is seen to be one of the most popular genres, whether it be in movies, books, or video games. It is also a theme embraced by amateur web designers, as the variety of sub-genres within it is endless. There are many video games designed around the more well-known fantasy themes such as fairies, elves, witches, ogres, and dragons, with some of them drawing inspiration from the likes of the Lord of the Rings. Web designers can obtain an aesthetically pleasing result when creating a site with a fantasy theme, with not only engaging images but also with the use of a fairytale-inspired font.