This is simply a page where I write about most of my website updates!

Posted Jul 6, 2011

I’ve finally uploaded Blessed Warrior. I also made a new layout for it. But everything isn’t changed to the new layout yet and the shrine really needs to be updated. I start working again tomorrow, so we’ll see when I’ll have the time to update it.

Posted Jun 14, 2011

Finally, a new summer layout is up! I already made it in April, but I failed to code it. Ah, it feels so good, I hope you like it.

Posted Apr 27, 2011

I have lots of free time this week, so that’s why I’m finally updating. My contact page is now located at Potion.nu. I need to change the link at all my sites, I’m glad I only have a few of them, heh. I’m hoping to give my poor collective a new layout this week.

Posted Apr 27, 2011

Evey.nu is gone, so I’ve been without an updates log for a while. I’m trying out FanUpdate at the moment.