This is simply a page where I write about most of my website updates!

Posted Oct 14, 2017

I’m alive. I’ve made small updates at Crystal Protectors, Yummy Networks and various fanlistings. I also found out that Blessed Warrior was completely deleted (I don’t know how it happened), I have re-uploaded most of the shrine so far.

Posted Nov 5, 2016

My small icon archive iconies has a new layout :D

Posted Oct 15, 2016

I’ve joined a few more cliques and I got a new affiliate chu

Posted Oct 4, 2016

I have a new clique! I actually had a clique directory called Eerie many years ago, that must have been like 13 years ago or something o_o Oh wow, time sure flies by. If you like pixels and Final Fantasy, then this clique might be fun for you chu

I’ve also added a new affiliate to Potion.nu and Phantasy.nu *love
Edit: I have to make a new button for Crystal Protectors, it annoys me that Lightning has text on her head -.-

Posted Sep 10, 2016

I got an affiliate request for my small icon website, so I decided to update the site. I updated the layout/CSS a little and actually made a few new icons and buttons to link me back with.

Posted Aug 6, 2016

Yummy Networks has a new layout! It’s old fashioned and simple, but I like it. Purple is after all my favourite colour ;D I also made some pixel buttons and removed a few old ugly ones.

Posted May 28, 2016

My Concerts of Ayu fanlisting has a new layout! The old one was very embarrassing nope I’ve also made a few better looking codes, better late than never *yeah

Posted Mar 20, 2016

My latest fanlisting is about Thirty One Idream (31 Ai Dream) (Idol Dreams). I’ve also added some basic info about the manga and its characters. I’ve only been able to buy the first English volume so far, so I didn’t have that much to write about. But please, look at what I have so far :D

Posted Feb 28, 2016

I haven’t applied for an animanga fanlisting in a looong time. When I went through all my joined fanlistings, I saw that Hachi & Nobu from NANA didn’t have a fanlisting anymore, so I applied for it directly ^^ Here is the result:

Posted Feb 20, 2016

I’ve updated my contact page with a newer version of Jems mail form.
The Clare fanlisting is updated with a new layout and it has some new codes as well :)