This is the heart of a collective, it's where I list all of my sites. I call this page 'Sites', but most people name it 'Network'. I've had many projects through the years. I wish I finished more of them, but I'm a terrible writer. It gets me on my nerves when I can't express what I think. Anyway, please enjoy what I have. More will come in the future :)

The Websites

» Updates - This is the page where you can see most of the updates I do at my sites.
» Twitter - I'm not a social network person, I can disappear for a year and then suddenly come back ^^' I use my Twitter to write about my sites and fan stuff. If you have a similar Twitter (hopefully you write more than me XD), then I would love to follow you.

Phantasy Type: Fanlisting Collective
Online since: 15 - February - 2016
Comments: I've decided to have a fanlisting collective again, it's so much easier to list my fanlistings with the help of Listing Admin.
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Yummy Networks
Yummy Networks Type: Main Collectives Link List (directory)
Online since: 11 - August - 2010
Comments: I've always loved to have a huge link list, and this is the result. I try to add as many collectives as possible. You can also submit your own main collective there if you're not listed.
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Blessed Warrior
Blessed Warrior Subject: Soulcalibur - Alexandra, Sophitia
Type: Shrine
Online since: 12 - March - 2007
Comments: I created this shrine together with Nancy some years ago. It needs to be updated, but I will probably not do much more with it. Soul Calibur V killed lots of my love for the Soul series.
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Crystal Protectors
Crystal Protectors Type: Clique
Online since: 05 - October - 2016
Comments: This is a clique where you can claim a Final Fantasy sprite from the mobile game FF: Brave Exvius.
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iconies Type: Icon showcase
Online since: 29 - March - 2012
Comments: I'm not one of those good icon makers, I just made this one for the fun of it. Icons can be used on forums and some other places.
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Take a Card
Take a Card Type: Online Trading Card Games - Trade post
Online since: 14 - December - 2011
Comments: This is the third time this site returns. I sometimes need something small and simple to do, to keep myself relaxed, playing TCG's suits me good then.
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» Another World
This is an upcoming animanga & video game series TCG. I've put a lot of work to it already. Dite is making the script for it, Mousey is going to be a co-owner and will write most of the info and Mei will help out with some graphics stuff. It doesn't have a release date, but I'm hoping for summer or autumn 2016.

I have some other small projects for the future. A button rotation, clique and a small shrine. The shrine will be about either Seung Mina (who is surprised? XD) or another character.