This is the section where I write about this site and myself :)


Nickname: Evey (I used Ewe when I was younger)
Real name: Evelina (yup, my internet nickname is a shortened version of my real name)
Location: Sweden (a scandinavian country, we're known for IKEA and meatballs XD)
Age: 29-31 (too lazy to change to the exact number, haha)
Obsessions: Final Fantasy, Halo, Tales of series, other JRPG's, online TCG's, shoujo animanga, chocolate, webdesign, K-Pop, K-Drama, Ayumi Hamasaki, thai food & dogs.

I've always been a bit of a loner. I'm a kind and a bit lazy person. I like girly stuff like make-up and fashion. I've played video games since I was around 4-5 years old (NES was my starting machine!), I hated Duck Hunt and loved Metroid and Devil World. I grew up with mostly playing games by myself, none of my friends liked to play. I was so happy when I could play games online, Halo 2 and MapleStory were my first two online games. I'm currently playing the mobile game Brave Frontier, it's a nice game to play if you have little time.


I've been making websites for over 15 years, I created my first website in 1998 called Little Heart, a To Heart fansite. My first own domain was Dancing-Blade.org and it existed for 7 years. I loved that domain name, it stood for many things I love. But all good things comes to an end, and I decided for new and fresh domains in 2010. I bought Evey.nu and Yummy.nu. Evey.nu became my collective and Yummy.nu became the home of my fanlistings. I wanted something more gaming related for a collective domain, so I bought Potion.nu shortly after and named it The Regain Life Network. As you can see, Potion.nu is still my main collective. However, I bought a new fanlisting domain in January 2016 named Phantasy.nu. Yummy.nu currently only houses a directory.

Current layout and old layouts

This is the fifth edition of Potion.nu. It features the good looking sisters from the Final Fantasy XIII games. Those games are created by Square-Enix. The layout looks best in the newest versions of FireFox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. The texture used is made by Awesomestyle, the pattern is from Pixeden and the brush is made by Jessy-Izan. You can find the rest of the resources I've used over at my credits page, you'll find the link below.
I have some screenshots of my old layouts and will eventually put them up here.

Credits & Updates

My credits list has its own page.
I have a full updates page where I write about almost all of the updates I do at my sites.

To do list

I always have so many things to do with my sites! I'm good at starting new projects, and then I never finish them. I've closed many sites through the years. Ahem, anyway, here is a long list of things I need to do with my sites. Those who are striked out are done.


Misc sites