Welcome to, also known as The Regain Life Network. It's the portal to everything Evey! This is my main internet home where I link to my other small hobby sites, which are mainly focused on video games and animanga. I'm a 27 years old Swedish gamergirl who can't really grow up. I've always had the problem with not knowing what I want to do with my life, but I've always enjoyed making sites. They're not any good sites, but they are important to me. Making sites makes me calm and satisfied
Most of my joined stuff are located at the Exit page. I hope you'll have a nice time here, enjoy!
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Posted Jan 27, 2016

I’ve been moving all my sites to a new host :D
The fanlistings have new urls, I’ll post my new fanlisting domain as soon as I have the new layout up. My darling Mei is making the layout and it will feature our common queen; Ayumi Hamasaki <3

My poor little iconies website is back up and running. (Yummy Networks) isn’t fully moved yet. NinjaLinks doesn’t use MySQLi, so I have to see what I can do there, or every page will have an ugly error message. The script will work though.

Current Layout and Site Map

This is the fourth edition of It features the graceful Garnet Til Alexandros XVII from the game Final Fantasy IX. The game is created by Square-Enix. It looks best in the newest versions of FireFox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. The pattern, texture and most brushes used are from Hybrid Genesis. You can find the rest of the resources I've used over at my credits page.
I'm not too fond of this layout, I guess that's a good thing because that will make me create a new layout faster!

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